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Every so often I require a moment to be completely unadulteratedly joyful about something.

Right now, Goseiger vs. Shinkenger is that something.

(Combined with the Kamen Rider W movie shorts. Oh god so adorable. So many happy memories beautifully realized.)

The power of wangst

So today I got a spam message on an old LJ post I did around eight years ago. It's one of those wangsty "omg someone pity meee" type posts I did regularly back then, so disposable I didn't even remember that I made it until the comment about the spam message reached my inbox.

What is particularly funny about being reminded of that post is that as of this year every single depressed prediction I made in it has turned out to be wrong, mostly within the same year as the post itself. I got my driver's license, I've published comics and game translations, I moved out of my parents house and learned how to cook and I didn't just go to Japan but ended up living there!

I don't really get unreasonably bad depressive fits like that anymore (chalk it up to no longer being a moody college student, I guess), but it's nice to have some conclusive proof that the head-demons don't always know what they're talking about.

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Add "Cardfight! Vanguard" to the list of "why the fuck why do I like this so much" anime this season.

In other news, Level E is in episode 6. It is all I dreamed of and more.

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I just watched a titservice anime about a pachinko mascot, and an anime about two ambiguously gay dudes in a rarbloodkilldeath robot. And I really liked both of them.

I think I'm going mad.

Your daily dose of tragedy

I was reading back on some of my old LJ entries today (I miss you, Japan!) when I stumbled upon a comment I made to my sister back during election season.

Yeah, a part of me really hopes that when it's all over [...] McCain can come forward on The Daily Show and be like "Yeah, what a tremendous fucktard I was. Thank god it's over."

Yeah. I'm sad now.

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First Level E anime, now Stephen Sondhiem on The Colbert Report? With a new book out of annotated lyrics? It's like the world has a special place in its heart, just for me.

Level E Animated

Take two, now with actual coherency.

It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of Togashi Yoshihiro, creator of Yuu Yuu Hakusho and, later, Hunter x Hunter. But not so many people know that in between those two big, glorious shounen punchfests, he did a very short-lived sci-fi manga anthology called Level E.

The "plot," so much as there is one, centers around a baseball player from Yamagata (always Yamagata!) who moves to Tokyo and immediately gets involved with a mysterious bastard of an alien who torments him and others in various hilarious but (ultimately) harmless ways.

I got a bit obsessed with it back in 2002 -- around the time I started this journal, in fact -- because the art looked gorgeous and the story looked utterly unlike anything else Togashi had done. I briefly embarked on a scanslation attempt, before realizing that my Japanese ability at the time just wasn't up to it.

At the time it was already about five years old and Togashi had embarked on Hunter x Hunter, so the idea of it getting animated was the sort of thing I would have odd dreams about and little more. So seeing it get an animated adaptation nearly ten years later, after my obsession has dimmed to a mere nostalgic admiration, is sort of shocking and wonderful, my own personal "Lost Footage from The Magnificent Ambersons."

Moreover, judging by the trailers, the adaptation looks gorgeous. The art is incredibly accurate to the manga, and individual shots even mirror (or improve upon) the manga's layouts. It looks like there are at least periods of great fluidity in the animation (such as the Prince's beat-down of the Discunian), and there's no obvious stunt-casting among the seiyuu (the only oldbie is Koyasu Takehito as Craft, which is awesome, especially given the amount of comedy roles he's been doing recently).

(There's also Tachiki Fumihiko, fresh from Kamen Rider W, doing the narration. Given that the manga already features a sentai parody [which they're adapting! Eee!], I'm going to demand at least one W joke here.)

So, anyway, as much as I try to have at least a bit of dignity about my watching habits nowadays, this is something that hits me in my deeply, deeply happy place. It's something I never expected to happen, and knowing that it's going to happen, with what could very well be the best-case scenario in terms of skill and faithfulness of the adaptation, triggers that sad slumbering fangirl of many years ago.

January feels so far away.